Stiffsongs New New New 2011
Summer I will be
Summer In The City
Summer String Groove
Summer Clubb
Summer Girls
Summer Deville
Hip Hop/Pop
Acoustic Pop/Organic, feel good, ad-friendly
Summer Love
Summer Bells
Summer Hills
Summer Porch
Summer Bouncin
B.O.B. w Bruno Mars "nothin on you"
Fugees, old school
timbaland, synth heavy, club
summertime ad friendly, hiphop lite
hiphop, p diddy, mase, club hit
sexy, snoop dogg, pimpin, soul
synthy, club
Summer Ocean
Hands Up (Vegas Remix)
Turn It Up
New Urban/Pop Vocal Songs
Flo Rida "Jump", extreme high energy
Sexy, high energy clubb, featured in NBC's Las Vegas
Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", Pop Dance
Summer Ukulele
builds to light indie rock twist
beachy, jason mraz feel
great ad feel, sunset, family, etc
upbeat, Target ad-esque
happy, cheerful, feat. ukulele
theme-song like, brand image
(w/ female vox)
All For You Now
(w/ female vox)
light indie rock, Feist, uptempo
Summer NYC
like jayz/rihanna "run this town", strings/piano
Summer Club March
dirtty south, cash money millionaires
(w. female vox)
Summer Funki Jam
party track, nelly, neptunes
(w/ female vox)
Vox: Dance With You
Vox: Hands Up High
Vox: Work The Dance Floor
King Of Town
Flower Street
Sun Country
Summer Lake
Four AM
dance party, lmfao, synth heavy